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Reflecting on the last 4 years

Hi lads and lassesIt has been a ride. I have come so far and today I would like to reflect on my the last years. I have chosen to do the last years as Newcastle college and grafisch lyceum were equally important for my growth as a designer/ illustrator. Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam:In 2016 I was […]

La laaalaa laaa!!!!

hi lads and lasses. Today I would like to talk about music and working. When painting or drawing there are a ton of factors that influence my workflow. The most important one for me is music.  Music keeps me focussed on my work. It also helps to listen to the mood of the dawing. For […]

Visible Art influences in my work

Hi lads and lasses, it has been a while.  A little over a while ago I had written artist research about WLOP. He is a Korean concept artist who works on his own webtoon and is active on social media. In the (which I will link in the reference list) I stated the following, ”I […]


Hi all. Today I would like to write my manifesto In this blog post, I will write about the things that make me, and what I stand for with my art. These are my core values and how I look ay life. To make this more appropriate I have addresses some situations and how I […]

Story time: Portfolio Evaluation

hi, lads and lasses Welcome back! Today i am going to write an evaluation of what I think of my portfolio! It was 15th of May. The weather was great. The sun was shining and there was barely any wind. Children were playing and I and my friends were going to the beach. And then […]

Reflecting using STARR

Hi lads and lasses, it has been so long since I posted something. well ya, let’s cut to the case. Today I am going to write a reflection. I will discuss how I handled a very, very annoying problem. I have chosen to use the STARR method for this matter.  Situation: Yes, I have finally […]

Learning Plan

Hi lads and lasses,Today I would like to talk about my future plans!Even though my time at this school will probably end, it does not mean my life does! (yes) I have planned myself a very bright future with lots of opportunities, allnighters, and frustration. My main plan, for now, is to start a new […]

About the Kolbs Cycle…

Hi lads and lasses. Today I would like to discuss the Kolb cycle with you. As you may tell from my previous posts I am not the biggest fan when it comes to this particular reflective method. Instead, I am way more font of the SWOT method, STARR method or simply just evaluating my process.  […]


Hi lads and lasses. Today I would like to review the last year. The SWOT method is one of the most common ways of reflecting. I use the SWOT method in my work a lot as it helps me see where I stand and where I would like to go in the future. I did […]

Kolbs Reflective Cycle

Goodmorning lads and lasses, in this blogpost, I would like to explain how I have implemented Kolbs reflective cycle in two cases over the last year. I am very certain I use this method a lot more than I am aware of. I have chosen a situation from semester 1 and a situation from semester […]

Hi-Fructose magazine review!

Hi lads and lasses. It has been a while. for today’s post, I will review the current latest edition of the hi fructose magazine. As stated on their Facebook page ”Hi-Fructose The New Contemporary Art Magazine is a quarterly print art magazine, founded in 2005.” (Hi-Fructose,2005) In this magazine, you can find some of the […]

Ins & Outputs

Inputs:hi, lads and lasses welcome back to my bloggy! Today I am going to write an in and outputs posts. I actually should have done this a long time ago….but well better late than sorry! Alright. With no future ado, let’s dive right in! Inputs:I am lucky enough to have had a previous education before […]


ConceptsPauline Voß (mostly known as Skadivore) is a German Digital artist. She is known for her art on Instagram. Her art is always a bit dark, sexual, witchy and fantasy. Skadivore has influenced me a lot with the way she uses colours and light. She really knows how to set a mood in a painting. […]

The creation of Small Fries logo

Hi lads and lasses. Today I would like to talk about a logo I have created for my starting company Small Fries. For my project, I will start my own graphic and visual design company. As every business needs a logo so does mine. Because I have a diploma in graphic design there is no […]

the (in)importance of a logo

Hi lads and lasses and welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to dive into a more graphic design side of me, rather than illustration. As you may be aware, Before coming to Newcastle College, I have invested my time following Graphic designer education with as specialism Visualisation. I have learned a lot […]

Current Time Management plan

Hi, lads and lasses and welcome back to my plan B.  Today I would like to talk about my current project management plan. It has been a while and the deadlines are starting to creep up on me.  I always have a great plan in my head and that works for me, but I have […]

The Art of Frozen 2

Hi, lads and lasses. Welcome back to my blog. Today I would like to talk about one of my recently acquired books. As you can probably guess it does not include that many words. Just kidding, i read the whole thing and sure spend close to 4 days doing so. I am talking about the […]

Design Philosophies

Hi, lads and lasses welcome to my Design Philosopies or how i prefer to call it: Jonell’s commandments research: I find it very important to do some research before every illustration. If I am working on a realistic piece, I want to make sure it looks real. Doing enough research and finding the right references […]

Reflecting Upon the Development module

Hi lads and lasses, Today we will be reflecting back on the development module. It has not been so long ever since, and now that I am working on my second pei=riod I thought it was a good idea to take a few breathes and do an in-depth reflection on these modules. (also, Laura recommended […]

Colours and Shapes by Mac Miller

hi lads and lasses. Today I am not going to write that much. This will just be an appreciation post for Mac miller who was born today, 26 years ago. I am a big fan of his music and he has been an inspiration for many of my works. Enjoy! Colours and Shapes: ”[Intro] [Verse […]

Love Poem Reflecting

hi lads and lasses. Today I would like to review my time working on love poems. This was a competition held by the house of illustration. I did have experience in competitions like this as I participated in the adobe awards 2 years on a row. Poems, however, are a different story. I find them […]


Hi, lads and lasses welcome back to my blog full of admiration this time.  Today i would like to introduce you to WLOP. A digital concept artist who has his own comic, I really adore his art and would like to discuss some works. Concept: Wang Ling (mostly known as Wlop) is a Chinese Digital […]

Alter Ego

Hi, lads and lasses welcome back to my blog.  This week I would like to talk about an image I created. Last week I mentioned that I was working on the relief print with Eva and Amber. The illustration I created for the printing is a very intense and deep meaning illustration. At the time […]

Relief Printing

Last Friday Amber, Eva and I practised with Relief printing at school. We all spent about a day to create an image and then had them Lasercut out of an acrylic plate. While creating an image I originally started with a more traditional fine line illustration. I do really like this drawing but I also […]


Hi, lads and lasses welcome back to my blog.  Today we are doing something different. In order for me to continue growing it is important that i reflect on my current practice to indentify where my weak spots are. Doing this helps me plan my projects more efficiently. Swot STRENGHTS: My former Art teacher said […]

Keith Haring Exhibition Liverpool

Hi, lads and lasses welcome to my blog.  A few weeks ago school planned a trip to Liverpool to view a Keith haring exhibition at Tate Museum Liverpool. It was my first time going to Liverpool. We had to meet at 8:30 at the main college car park. Once my friends and I arrived, we […]

Projects for this year

Hi, lads and lasses welcome to my second blog post.  This year i will be working on 4 projects. These are part of my bachalor degree education. i will shortly explain them all to you. Personal Project 1 – Watercolour book Working with watercolour gives me the freedom no other paint has given me. You […]

My very first Blog

Hi! My name is Jonéll Torres. I have recently moved from the Netherlands to Newcastle Upon Tyne. I am attending Newcastle College to study Illustration level 6. I chose to study illustration in the Uk because I felt that I had a deeper connection with Newcastle College University than any other school in the Netherlands. […]

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